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Glamourous and Elegant luxury wedding dresses


A woman must feel beautiful in all circumstances, I insist on this point.

On her wedding day, she must find that second skin that will make her look stunning.

Here is my favorite if you want to be feminine, sexy, elegant.

If you don’t know Elihav Sasson, I’ll be happy to share my crush with you.

Source photo Elihav Sasson -Maison de couture Elihav Sasson website



Born in Israel in 1983, Elihav Sasson quickly developed a deep-seated curiosity in all things design. His passion for diverse forms of art pushed him to master every essential detail and excel at it. Despite having no formal training, he managed to combine his creativity and talent in both high-end fashion.


Source photo Elihav Sasson -Maison de couture Elihav Sasson website


More recently, the House of Elihav Sasson presents its stunning bridal collections at its flagship store, located in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
Elihav’s haute couture designs are not for the faint of heart; his silhouettes are sexy and hug every curve a woman has to offer. Stunning laces are often combined with eye-catching beading and appliques. His collections have featured vintage jewelry, pearls, “ocean’s crystals” and more. His collections truly are a dream come true for women with refined taste in fashion and want to make a statement on their wedding day.

Source photo Elihav Sasson -Maison de couture Elihav Sasson website


Elihav develops its brand by now offering jewelry sandals.


We always look forward to Elihav Sasson’s exquisite collections, and this latest one is going to make your jaw drop! Featuring breathtaking gowns adorned with exquisite details like sultry open backs, illusion bodices, floor grazing capes and diaphanous trains — these ethereal creations are as romantic as they come. Modern day goddesses, meet your dream collection!


Source photo Elihav Sasson -Maison de couture Elihav Sasson website


Those wedding dresses are typically what I would wear myself since I love Glamour and sensuality.


Source photo Elihav Sasson -Maison de couture Elihav Sasson website




One of my role as a wedding planner is obviously to match the desires and needs of the couple.     The bride’s needs are at the center of my attention, my love for Fashion, Elegance and Glamour is not a secret. Bridal Fashion is so fascinating, so many...


CONFIDENCES     Anaïde is my true real name. For those you are fascinated by mythology, they will understand that my path was set. Like the Armanian Goddess of Love, I am in love with love, I am passionate about Romance and Nature. As a matter of fact,...

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