The bride’s soft boudoir is all about sublimating her, playing with the elements.

Few candles, the bridal details and a glass of champagne for and editorial and timeless moment just for her.


The poetry that emerges is powerful.

Put your modesty aside and imagine yourself with one of those undressed…
Escape with a light touch…
In this article, I suggest to the bride-to-be to think only of herself and to reveal her femininity!

A wind of sensuality is blowing on the wedding industry, it’s time to unveil that part of soft and refined femininity that lies dormant in each of you… an ode to women with delicate notes of lace and tulle.

For you,  future brides, the designer Héloïse from So Hélo proposes a bridal trousseau.

In this box you will find:

The long or short underwear made of black lace with a floral pattern and its matching satin belt
A delicate silk babydoll underwear
A silk night mask to spend sweet nights and as a gift, a fine jewelry garter…


A bride should be an Icon on her wedding day. In your undressing, you will reveal yourself in all intimacy.

The embroidered and beaded veil represents the feminity and the sensuality.


That is why my coworker Loukia Arapian created Boutique By Loukia. She aimes at providing stylish and editorial bridal items: She partners with Bella Belle Shoes, american brand inspired by the Italian word for « Beautiful ». Bella Belle focuses on women’s wellness while wearing high- heels shoes, especially for brides on their wedding day.

You will feel stunning and comfortable as Bella Belle’s hallmark is all about Exquisite details and feminine silhouettes.I will soon write about her new project and you will love it!


On your wedding day, every moment should feel special. Every details matters for your Editorial and glamorous wedding.

From the boudoir session to the after- party dress, you must feel confident and powerful.

The beauty artist, the photographer and the film maker will ease you, they want to sublimize you because you worth it.

We aim at creating the editorial bridal shooting with the fierce and powerful woman that you embody.

Don’t be shy, trust yourself, you are marvellous.


It’s your big day, you’re rested, you’ve taken care of your body. It’s time to make your grand entrance.

Your hair & Make up artist has highlighted your beauty, you have adorn yourself with your exquisite jewellery. The photographer and film maker immortalise your champagne-brunch- getting ready. You are high on your stilletos and you dazzle us all in that magnificent gown. You laugh out loud, you shed a little tear, but most importantly, you feel serene, happy, fulfilled.





One of my role as a wedding planner is obviously to match the desires and needs of the couple.     The bride’s needs are at the center of my attention, my love for Fashion, Elegance and Glamour is not a secret. Bridal Fashion is so fascinating, so many...


CONFIDENCES     Anaïde is my true real name. For those you are fascinated by mythology, they will understand that my path was set. Like the Armanian Goddess of Love, I am in love with love, I am passionate about Romance and Nature. As a matter of fact,...

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